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Fw: Insanity Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:46 am (PST) . Posted by: "Yaacov Levi" jlevi_us

Two Types of InsanityProf. Paul Eidelberg The Ayatollah Khomeini’s disciple, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, is the leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon. Nasrallah famously declared: "We are going to win [against Americans and Israelis] because they love life and we love death." In other words: “We Muslims are going to win because infidels love life, something transient, whereas disciples of Muhammad love death, something eternal.” This is why American and Israeli leaders are infatuated with short-lived cease fires.This said; let us probe two types of insanity, one manifested by Muslims, then other by assimilated Jews.  The Islamic love of death, or “Necrophelia,” should be understood as a mental disorder. We must face the awful fact that countless Muslims — at least ten percent of the 1.5 billion Muslims that support jihad —suffer from a psychosis latent in Islam, which is obviously immune to reason. This psychosis is most clearly manifested in the Taliban, whose police posted placards read, “Throw reason to the dogs—it stinks of corruption.”Of course, mental disorders exhibit gradations. But even mild manifestations of this disorder make nonsense of any cease-fire with Hamas, who use women and children as human shields. Evident here is a display is the crudest paganism, quite consisted with Nasrallah “we love death mantra” Mantra.But if Islam is the carrier of insanity, what shall we say of Jews? Judaism is reputed to be the religion of reason. What shall we then say of Israel’s cabinet which agreed to a cease fire with Hamas, that is, with unadulterated Muslims? Are the Jews in that cabinet also insane, indeed, are animated, subconsciously, by a love of death?If so, perhaps their subconscious love of death should be defined as a desire to cease being Jews, that is, to cease being the victims of Jew-hatred or antiSemitism?  But all evidence indicates that this desire not only fails to diminish Jew-hatred, but exacerbates anti-Semitism. And if this is evident, must we not deem such Jews insane—though some may prefer to call them stupid.Let us probe deeper. No animal, mouse or lion, desires to be anything other than what it is. The reason may be attributed to the fact that no creature other than man possesses a soul or “self-hood”; hence none would ever think of asking “What am I”? Another way of putting this is to recall Nietzsche’s adage that “man is the beast with red cheeks”—the only creature that blushes or has a sense of shame.  From this one might conclude that to enter into a cease-fire with a terrorist organization like Hamas is not only irrational but also indicative of shamelessness. What else is one to say of Israeli prime ministers who shook the bloodstained hands of Yasser Arafat or of Mahmoud Abbas. This suggests that the first casualty of egalitarian democracies is the sense of honor.Now let’s probe a little deeper. Can it be that Nasrallah’s love of death is indicative of a psychotic sense of honor is symptomatic of an irrational deity and theology—precisely the counterpoint of the shamelessness of those Israeli leaders who have abandoned the supremely rational God of Abraham? Recall the words of the Prophet Isaiah (44:24, 25): “I am the Lord that makes visionaries mad … that turns wise men backward, and makes their knowledge foolish.” Enter Benjamin Netanyahu. Yes, insanity is conspicuous in the Middle East — we saw it in the “Arab Spring.” It is also evident in State of Israel. Not because the people of Israel want regime change. If they really did, sanity would begin to flow into this God-forsaken region.

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